• 80 percent smaller footprint
  • 30 percent reduction in manufacturing cost
  • Consumer friendly repair and upgrades
  • Solar power system can be placed on the ground
  • Installation takes less than one hour​​​

2.5 kw Enviro-Sys Sunflower 

Enviro-Sys Sunflower Solar Generator

Competitive Advantage

Over Current Solar PV Systems

Novel Solar Technology

The next generation of solar power systems

EDL’s design is engineered to trap the light and energy that enters the solar generator, allowing solar cells to capture solar energy and reflect the unused energy onto other solar cells, and so forth.

Bird view of EDL's Modular Design

1kw add-on module attached to a 1.5 kw base unit

EDL's first product to market is estimated to launch late 2016 in the form of a 1.5 kw modular system expandable to meet customer requirements.